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AUSTRALIA POST - Shipping Update ...

 AUSTRALIA POST - Shipping Update ... I hope you are all staying safe and sane during this difficult time.I am finding it necessary to write this Blog, as I am waking to an increasing number of emails regarding a delay in delivery of orders. The majority are patient and understanding, however several have been close to being blatantly rude.We all know the incredible situation faced by many businesses at the moment - least of these being Australia Post. Yes, they can sometimes be frustrating in their service delivery, but in the main I have found them to be efficient and reliable. I am sure that even though they are experiencing a workload exceeding that of Christmas time, they are doing their...

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COVID - 19 Update

• 25/3/20 - COVID 19 UPDATE- please be rest assured while we are taking this one day at a time but at this time I am not in isolation and I am lucky enough to sew from home, extra precautions are being taken, washing fabrics, hands and cleaning areas where I sew and pack, I have extra supplies to get me through. All orders are still going out within turn around times and we have been advised that postal services will still run if Australia is in lock down but times could slow down. Stay safe •

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2020 Reps

Brand Rep Team  Since my baby is all grown up the last few years i have recruited some amazing mamas and they're gorgeous babies to help me promote and take some photos of my bibs. At the moment i have 8 brand reps and if you follow them on Instagram they have a discount code for my store and what it offers changes regularly but its always something great. you will never pay full price if you follow them. Simone     . 

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all my amazing customers, what a year it’s been. Wishing you all the love and happiness into 2020. My website will still be open over Christmas and New year and all orders will be completed within turn around times. I have been adding new prints so make sure you keep coming back and checking them out 😘😘 Simone x   

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3rd Birthday

• 3 Y E A R S •As my 3rd Birthday has just passed I’ve been reminiscing about how Finished with a Kiss all started. It began with While on Maternity leave and oldest then 2 began Dancing and I thought I had better learn some sewing skills 🙈 I went and brought myself a sewing machine, my Aunty gave me some quick lessons and some year 10 home ec came back to me too 🤣 But I still had no idea. My 10month old was a massive dribbler so I thought I would start with something as simple as a bib. Do you know how many times I gave up? And how my first bibs looked 😬😬 but I...

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