AUSTRALIA POST - Shipping Update ...

 AUSTRALIA POST - Shipping Update ...

 I hope you are all staying safe and sane during this difficult time.

I am finding it necessary to write this Blog, as I am waking to an increasing number of emails regarding a delay in delivery of orders. The majority are patient and understanding, however several have been close to being blatantly rude.

We all know the incredible situation faced by many businesses at the moment - least of these being Australia Post. Yes, they can sometimes be frustrating in their service delivery, but in the main I have found them to be efficient and reliable. I am sure that even though they are experiencing a workload exceeding that of Christmas time, they are doing their very best to get our parcels delivered.

Once I have posted a parcel , there is little I can do to move it on it's way. A tracking number is always sent where applicable, and this can be tracked on the Australia Post website.

Many of you will have noticed that deliveries are being marked as 'Delayed' on the AP tracking site. This does not mean it is delayed from leaving my hands ... somewhere along the line it has been delayed along with thousands of other parcels.

Yes, you are more than welcome to lodge a dispute with AP. Yes, I am more than happy to do the same ... but to be honest, all I am getting in reply is that they are experiencing an unprecedented demand on their services ... which we all already know.

I am so sorry that some of you are not receiving your bibs as quickly as you would hope. I know this must be incredibly frustrating and I hope that once your parcels do arrive, they will be worth the wait.

Please be patient and kind.





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