3rd Birthday

• 3 Y E A R S •
As my 3rd Birthday has just passed I’ve been reminiscing about how Finished with a Kiss all started. It began with While on Maternity leave and oldest then 2 began Dancing and I thought I had better learn some sewing skills 🙈 I went and brought myself a sewing machine, my Aunty gave me some quick lessons and some year 10 home ec came back to me too 🤣 But I still had no idea. My 10month old was a massive dribbler so I thought I would start with something as simple as a bib. Do you know how many times I gave up? And how my first bibs looked 😬😬 but I was determined to get it right. After many YouTube Videos I finally had it. Once I posted my finished product of my daughter wearing it. Friends and family began asking me to make them some too and i slowly grew from there. That first feeling of creating something people actually wanted to buy was like OMG I’m actually good at this and I can really do it but It’s taken me 3 years to get to where I am now and I wouldn’t be where I am without those friends and family encouraging me, My partner who puts up with my being noisy every night, those giving me advice on how to sell handmade and ETSY, those first sales, My reps, my work colleges who greet my customers for pick ups when I’m busy and of course my Customers who appreciate my love for fabric and come back again and again 😍 so a Massive amount of hugs & kisses to you all 



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